Yanaka, Odaiba

And now for an unscheduled feature... I have returned to Japan! This is a bit of a different experience, because this time around (my third visit to this wonderful country) I am here for work -but I had a weekend before, and then afterwards I’m taking off on my own to unknown reaches. But first,… Continue reading Yanaka, Odaiba

Tokyo’s National Art Centre

The sun shone bright this morning when we left Kanazawa and took the shinkansen back to Tokyo. As usual, the 10:56 train left the station at 10:56 on the dot. Going back to Paris is going to be devastating after these two weeks.We arrived at Tokyo Station two hours and change later, just in time… Continue reading Tokyo’s National Art Centre


Today was shopping day! I headed down to Ginza to check out the shopping heaven of Tokyo. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and it was just a pleasure to be out and about.This is where the flagship stores of Muji and Uniqlo are located. The former is at least moderate in its hugeness, but… Continue reading Ginza