The Archaeology Museum, Üsküdar

My last day in Istanbul was a day for tying up loose ends. I had already visited all the "greatest hits" on my list, so to speak, and looking at what else to do there were four options: the Museum of Islamic Arts, the Kariye Museum, the Archaeology Museum and a visit to Üsküdar.The Museum… Continue reading The Archaeology Museum, Üsküdar

Dolmabahçe, Istiklal, Galata

My entire stay so far had been confined to the same landmass, so today it was time for a change! I hopped on the tram and crossed the Golden Horn, via the Galata Bridge, up to the district of Beyoglu, the modern, cool quarter of Istanbul.But first I went to the palace of Dolmabahçe, which… Continue reading Dolmabahçe, Istiklal, Galata