The Pillow Blog: IV

  • Guys! Guys! I forgot to write about this. I found a place that serves REAL hot chocolate in Japan. It was called Café Ciao Presso and it was in Nara Station. Eat your heart out, Paris (that’s the second time I use that sentence in this blog). I assume because it was in a station that it must be a chain, but I haven’t seen any other since 😦
  • Kazuyo had warned me in advance that in Osaka people stand on the right side of escalators, like in London, whereas in Tokyo and Kyoto they stand on the left. This often leads to the humorous conclusion that there must be a frontier somewhere, a fabled escalator that marks the territories of right-standing and left-standing. Well, I found it!! I saw an escalator in Shin-Osaka station where the people going down stood on the left and the people going up stood on the right. That must be it!
  • Foreign travellers in Japan quickly learn that our credit cards only work on 7-11 and Post Office ATMs, which requires advance planning to have cash ready. So far I had only used 7-11s, which annoyingly only distribute 10k yen notes, but today I tried a Post Office and: bingo! It gave 1k yen notes too!

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