Byzantine Musings: I

— The streets of Sultanahmet are overrun with cats, who walk up and down the pavement like they own the place (and who’s to say they don’t?). Some are cute; many look ready to claw my eyes out. The hotel has two or three house cats, all of whom look lovely.

— It’s true that the call to prayer wakes you up, as I experienced today at 5:45 (or 4:45… more on that in the next entry), but it didn’t bother me much as I went right back to sleep. Honestly I was more concerned about the poor muezzin, who upon hitting the higher notes sounded like he was on the verge of passing out…

1 thought on “Byzantine Musings: I”

  1. I find that after awhile, it's like the grandfather clock in the hall or the bells in the town. If they DON'T do the call to prayer at 4 a.m. (but they always do) or you don't hear it, you'll wake up saying \”What was THAT?\”


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